Anti-Tip Brackets for Frigidaire Ranges

Frigidaire believes that all ranges must be installed safely, and anti-tip brackets are an essential part of safe installation. This is reinforced by on-product warnings and instructions and information contained in the Owner’s Manual. Ranges are safe when properly used; the anti-tip device provides an additional margin of safety.

Brackets are provided with each range we sell. We also provide detailed installation instructions that are to be used by installers, as well as safety literature for consumers. Every range should be properly installed with the bracket.

Nearly all of the ranges we sell are installed by contractors, who are most often referred by the place where the appliance is purchased. Strong measures are taken to ensure that installers follow proper installation instructions. We also provide appropriate post-installation safety information for consumers.

Further, we support the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers' extensive informational and educational efforts to ensure installers and consumers know about the importance of these brackets.

How does one verify proper installation of an anti-tip bracket?

We recommend that consumers contact the installation agent who performed the original installation. If that is not possible, consumers can contact us at 866-335-1754 and we can arrange for an authorized service provider to come out to inspect the unit at the consumer's expense.

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